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RE/MAX International, Inc.
RE/MAX was founded in Denver, CO. in 1973. And the name RE/MAX? It is an acronym for "real estate maximums," a name chosen by founder Dave Liniger to express his concept of a company that would attract real estate sales agents at the top of their profession and allow them to operate with freedom and independence.  In 1980 RE/MAX began its international growth, expanding into Canada. As it moved into the 21st century, the "real estate maximums"  continued to spread around the globe. RE/MAX is truly an international company with 7,343 offices located in 112 countries and territories. It is identified by one of the world's most recognizable corporate logos, the RE/MAX Balloon. There are 108 balloons in the worldwide RE/MAX balloon fleet.

RE/MAX is celebrating 25 years supporting Childr
en's Miracle Network. Last year RE/MAX agents and brokers donated over $10 million to Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Since 1992, RE/MAX affiliates have raised more than $150 million for 170 CMN hospitals. Donations help fund pediatric medical equipment, treatments, charitable care, and other healthcare services.

The thing we most appreciate about being RE/MAX affiliates is that we never have to explain who we are. Back in the 1990's, when affiliated with another company, we were regularly asked, "What bank did you say you're with?" As members of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, we fly the RE/MAX balloon with pride.

For more information about RE/MAX visit http://www.remax.com.

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RE/MAX Fine Homes

RE/MAX Fine Homes is a full-service residential, commercial and leasing real estate company with offices in Brentwood and Spring Hill, TN and agents throughout the Greater Metropolitan Nashvillle area. Our company, under the leadership of broker-owner Terri Rutherford, was founded on a commitment to professionalism and customer service that continues to be the core of our business philosophy. The collective talent and experience within our company are unparalleled. Through RE/MAX Fine Homes we are connected to the resources of RE/MAX Internation so that we can offer you the unique and broad range of benefits when you buy, sell or lease real estate in Middle Tennessee.  For more information about RE/MAX Fine Homes, visit http://remaxfinehomestn.com.


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Nell Jones and Barry Vincent

That's our tagline, our theme. It is where we differ from many other REALTORS®. We've built our experience the only way possible, with years in the fray, solving people's problems and helping them realize their dreams. All the while we continue to learn new things every day because the real estate business is constantly changing.

Nell got her license in 1974. Barry is the new kid on the team, having received his license in 1990. During those years we have worked in real estate full-time. That's a lot of years spent and a lot of real estate transactions closed, building our experience one block at a time. 

Tennessee has two levels of real estate license, affiliate broker, and broker. A broker requires an advanced level of training and at least three years' experience. Both of us are brokers.

Here's what our experience means to you. When the market is booming, and the house is beautiful, and there are no problems, anybody can sell real estate (though not necessarily at the highest price). Just fill out the appropriate paperwork, get it signed by all parties and send it to a real estate attorney for closing. The 
problems are;

1. The market is not always booming. We've been through three real estate boom and bust cycles since 1990. Nell went through a couple before that. And even in a booming market, especially when the market is over-heated, things can get complicated with too many buyers chasing too few houses. We anticipate the difficulties, educate our buyers and sellers, and manage their expectations so that they don't throw up their hands in frustration.

2. We love to list and sell beautiful houses. But the house is not always beautiful because the homeowner has not been able to keep up with updates and repairs. We can assure you; a house does not have to be picture-perfect to sell. A lot of our experience has been selling properties for banks and mortgage companies. These are usually properties that the financial institution has acquired through foreclosure after a default on the mortgage.  We've seen and sold a lot of houses with problems. Don't be afraid to call us even if you know your house has is not perfect.

3. Then there are the problems. Most people aren't involved in buying and selling homes every day. For most, it is the biggest financial transaction of their lives. It can bring a lot of stress, and that increases if there is no one to explain what's going on and resolve the problems. In addition to the complicated process of a real estate transaction, life happens. Our experience has shown us that a large percentage of real estate transactions are initiated by life's crises, small and large. It may be an unwanted job transfer, a move that leaves behind a lifetime of family and friends, the complications of aging, illness, death, divorce, financial setbacks...the list goes on. We will never say we've "seen it all, " but we've seen most of it and gone through the worry, fear, pain, and grief with our clients. We're ready to use our experience to smooth your path. Click here to contact us or use the form below.

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