Preparing to Sell Your Home

Small changes can make a big difference when potential buyers look at your home. Before you put a lot of work and money into your preparations, contact us farry Vincent, RE/MAX Fine Homes for a no obligation consultation.  We sell homes in any condition. You may want to clean, paint, and make repairs to sell for the best price possible. 

You may want to avoid the work and hassle and sell it "as is." Or, take care of some items on your list that will have the most effect on potential buyers. We will listen to you, understand your unique situation, and explain the pros and cons of different approaches to the sale. Take advantage of our combined 50+ years of experience selling homes in Southeast  Nashville, Antioch, La Vergne, Smyrna and surrounding areas.

Start Moving Now

You are putting your home on the market. You are going to be moving soon. Start moving now. Pack up things you seldom use. Rent a storage unit or borrow a garage bay from a friend or relative. Even boxes neatly stacked in your garage or a spare room will say to buyers that you are ready to move on. When you move you always throw away a lot of "stuff." Begin the sorting and discarding of unwanted items as you prepare your home for sale.


Some advantages to making improvements include less time on the market and better offers. You want buyers to see themselves living and lounging in your house. You want them to see it as their future home. We'll work for a top dollar offer on your house, however you choose to sell. 

Use these suggestions to improve your chances of getting your home sold at the best price and in the shortest time:

Curb Appeal Checklist

First, look at the outside of your home, also called your curb appeal. Examine the outside of your house from the view of a passerby. What jumps out at you? What unique features seem to fade into the background? This helps you decide what you can do to invite buyers into your house. If the exterior isn't up to par with refreshed paint and colorful garden plants, it's time to get those things done. Refer to the Curb Appeal Checklist and elevate your house's final selling price.

Welcome Home Checklist

Can a buyer see themselves lounging in the living area, reading a good book in the master bedroom, or inviting friends over for a barbecue on the patio? We want your house to welcome buyers and give them a sense of "home." We'll help you achieve this by recommending small improvements that highlight the features of your house. We'll suggest that you reduce the effect of things that give the appearance of clutter. Tabletops should be clutter-free. Funny sculptures, sentimental items, family photos, anything that you don't have to use before you get to your new home can be moved out of sight. You need to give mass appeal to the house so buyers can imagine it as their new home. Pieces of furniture that aren't necessary and crowd a room can be put in storage. Fresh paint, new carpet, light fixtures that need shining, and any other improvement can help the sale. Use this checklist to think through what you can do to prepare your home so that buyers can see themselves living in it. We know the things today's buyers are looking for and desiring.


Let's talk sooner rather than later

We've often had the experience of walking into a home and having the owners proudly show us things they have done to get ready to sell their home only to think, "Oh, I wish you hadn't wasted your money on that. It won't help your sale one bit". Also, there are often safety issues that the homeowner is used to living with but can be a problem if someone trips and falls while looking at the home. We will give you the benefit of our experience. Then you can decide how you want to proceed. Contact us in the way you prefer: Text or call us at 615-310-2496, email or use the form provided here.

Getting ready to sell?

From getting a professional inspection and doing all recommended repairs to selling "as is" or doing some of the most obvious needed repairs, we will listen, and tell you the impact of each approach on the likely sales price. Just ask for a no-obligation consultation.